Returning to work after Covid-19

With Covid-19 restrictions easing in Australia, companies are now preparing for the return of their workforce. Unfortunately, it is not a simple case of picking up where we left off. Businesses will be required to create new ways of operating, and leaders will need to learn alternative ways of managing and supporting staff.

Organisations are now forced to consider how they will maintain effective and profitable operations while adhering to mandatory safe practices and continued government restrictions. A systematic approach to establishing a new normal is recommended to make the transition smoother for all.

Several areas of your work practices are likely to be impacted at this time. In response we can work with you to develop tailored strategies to sustain the following:

  • Effective communication
  • Team cohesiveness
  • Performance management
  • Behavioural management
  • Managing psychosocial hazards
  • Maintaining sense of organisational justice

While attention to operational demands are essential, it is equally important to factor in the psychological and emotional well-being of employees. Even as the pace of change starts to slow down and a new reality sets in, with disruptions to other aspects of their life, staff are frequently reporting feeling stressed, tired, frustrated, and disconnected. Understanding, measuring, and maintaining staff well-being is a primary concern for organisations right now. We offer a range of services that can assist your organisations support staff at this time, such as:

  • Staff Well Being Action Plans
  • Management training, such as:
    • Psychological Well-being at Work
    • Supporting Staff through change
    • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Counselling
  • Psychosocial Hazards Risk Assessment

Covid-19 has significantly shifted the nature work for people, and it appears this will continue for the foreseeable future. Our team of experts can support your organisation to create new ways of operating, managing and support
your employees.