Organisational success

through the strength and potential of your people

Workplace Psychology

Regardless of industry … organisations typically run according to structures, systems, and processes to achieve their goals. But there are other aspects that will impact on their success, such as effective leadership, team cohesiveness and staff engagement; all of which rely on organisations’ people. Good systems do create a solid foundation for achievement,  however tapping into staffs’ potential, motivation, and commitment is what drives change, improvement, and growth.

Organisations are full of good people who are not utilised well. Kim offers a number of workplace psychology services that can assist you to identify your staff’s strengths and skills and align them with your organisation’s success.


Psychosocial Risk Assessment

Psychosocial risk assessments examines staffs’ risk to psychological harm. Identifying and mitigating psychological hazards reduces the risk of stress, creating a healthy and productive workplace.

Learning and Development

Our learning and development services encompass training and assessment; from design and development of structured professional programs

Staff Well-being

We can offer your organisation a tailored Employee Wellness Program to assist your staff manage workplace and personal challenges that may be having a negative impact on their performance. Our aim is to reduce the chance of stress by enhancing emotional, psychological and general well-being of you employees.

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