How best to role model working life to our children.

It’s a common theme for working mothers; struggling to be present for work but also function as a parent. Psychologist, Kim Cullen, has experienced doing just that.

Working mothers are role modelling – to their daughters in particular – on how they can manage their future lives as a working mother.

“I would say this to males or females…work out what you’re good at, what motivates you, and what’s meaningful to you, and dedicate your time to building strengths and set goals in support of that.”

“What we are shooting for is balance between work and the home. When you’re at work, engage in work, and engage in it well. When you’re at home, engage in home, and engage with your kids well. It’s about being present where you are at any given time.”

“Daughters [of working mothers] go onto have more equality in their relationships, they have higher pay packets and they move into more leadership roles. For our sons of working mothers; they also have more equality in their relationships and are more open to having female leaders. It’s really important to make sure that we are presenting as capable – because of the strengths that we have – not capable compared to what gender does it better. Comparisons rarely service well.”