Parents everywhere cry tears of joy as Cleo is reunited with her family

Psychologist Kim Cullen understands exactly why mums around Australia have been so invested in Cleo’s disappearance over the past few weeks.

“Because it involved a vulnerable child. We feel a connected to a victim when there are similarities. We as mums have a lot of empathy, and we imagine what it would be like if it was our child,” she told 9Honey Parenting.

Cullen, who is a mum herself, has been following the search for Cleo closely and was hoping for a positive outcome.

“The loss of a child or someone taking your child – there is really just nothing worse,” she said.

“If you feel inclined to be more attentive to your child this morning, it’s certainly understandable”.

This morning I did just that. I gave my little boy – the one that kept me up all night – the biggest, longest hug I could. I told him he could call out for me at any time during the night, and I will be there.

I reminded myself how lucky I was to have him with me at home, safe and well.

Take the time to do this with your own kids today mums. I can only imagine Ellie is doing the same right now with her little Cleo.