What our kids need to know about working women

As a working single mother of two daughters, I’ve grappled with working to provide for my kids and wanting to be present for them. We need our girls to learn these five things if we want them to have an easier run at managing life as working mothers. 1. Decide what you want your work life to look like, then set measurable goals and tangible tasks in support of that. 2. Monitor your journey as it evolves and celebrate your wins – even if it’s just getting through a rough week. 3. Understand that historically more men than women have led the workforce, so research on ‘best practice’ for success may not be the same for everyone. 4. Believe in equality, but don’t get caught up in ‘which gender does what better’. 5. Know your strengths, build on them and use them to contribute to something that’s meaningful to you.