Parents everywhere cry tears of joy as Cleo is reunited with her family

Psychologist Kim Cullen understands exactly why mums around Australia have been so invested in Cleo’s disappearance over the past few weeks. “Because it involved a vulnerable child. We feel a connected to a victim when there are similarities. We as mums have a lot of empathy, and we imagine what it would be like if it was […]

The lesson working parents can teach their colleagues: ‘Flip the guilt’

The working parent juggle is nothing new – particularly for working mums. The tug between showing you’re putting in the hours at the office, only to miss out at home, can lead many to feel perpetually stretched thin. What if there was another way to look at the situation – one where we replaced the […]

The psychological impact of Covid on workers

There are 13 psychosocial risk factors that impact on the health of a workplace and its staff, and the pandemic has highlighted just how important some of them are to us. While working from home has reduced the risk of some factors – environmental factors like noisy workplaces for example – it has exacerbated some […]

Rudderless protest crowds will likely get violent

Protests about mandatory vaccination for the construction sector in Melbourne this week got violent pretty quickly. The crowd wasn’t as large as other protests have been, so what made these turn from protest to riot so quickly? Kim Cullen is a psychologist and says it comes down to perceived injustice – in this case not […]

Can you see mental illness?

It’s often said that you can see physical illness, but you can’t see mental illness. This is only half true. While you can’t always see the cause of mental illness, it’s possible to see signs that someone is suffering from it. Look for social withdrawal, poor concentration, prolonged sadness, changes in mood, behaviour, and mannerisms. […]

How to build your stress relief toolkit

Working in organisational psychology, I see a lot of clients who believe they manage their stress well, but in actual fact they’re containing it, not managing it. Stress is accumulative and should be reduced or released as it occurs, not put aside for another time. If you have daily stresses, then logically you need to […]

What our kids need to know about working women

As a working single mother of two daughters, I’ve grappled with working to provide for my kids and wanting to be present for them. We need our girls to learn these five things if we want them to have an easier run at managing life as working mothers. 1. Decide what you want your work […]